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Hands-Free Technology for the Hands-On Workforce

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Skylight is how We Work

APX built Skylight for the people who build, fix, move, and operate things at work.

With Skylight, you start your job, speak a command, and the information you need is right in view.

This makes your work safe and easy, so you can do it fast and do it right.

Skylight is how We Learn

Working with Skylight means immediate access to training and reference materials while hands-on at the job.

Capturing and sharing best practices are seamlessly woven into daily activities.

When companies use Skylight their newest employees are brought up to the level of your most experienced ones.

Skylight is how We Save Time

Hands-free access simplifies steps, eliminates re-work, and keeps everything in view.

Individual time savings add-up and benefits multiply when you eliminate inefficiencies across teams, plants, and entire organizations.

Skylight is how We Solve Problems

Skylight gives you immediate help so issues get resolved fast and by the people best able to handle them.

Confused by what you see ? Pull up a task help video which shows you how its done.

Still having a problem ? Place a video call to a co-worker, support center or your manager. They see what you see in real-time, looking over your shoulder, guiding you step by step through the solution.

Skylight is how We Connect

Building a connected workforce allows you to be agile, flexible, and efficient.

You can record work progress with videos, capture something that looks out of place with a high resolution photo, react to alerts generated by other systems, or respond to questions sent by colleagues.