Speed up core processes

Real time information, automation, optimized routing.

Improve quality and lower rework

Visual guides, continuous tracking, instant expert help

Enhance process flexibility

Change work on the fly, handle exceptions, reduce learning curve

Reduce liability/Safer work

Hands free, track history, situational awareness


Renders information on a binocular, 3D transparent screen on an infinite canvas around the user. Manages what is rendered on the user's field of view, based on application parameters and user context.

Hands Free

Enables users to interact with the device and with the application through head-tracking, voice, gestures, and peripherals. Also lets the the user interact with the smart glasses device itself.

In Context

Continuously keeps track of the user’s location, orientation and state. It knows where the user is, what they are doing, and where they are looking.

Visually Aware

Processes local camera information to recognize codes, glyphs, objects, and faces using computer vision. Captures and understands information about the user's physical environment.

Real Time

Continuously pull and push data from machines, sensors, apps and client devices across a single real-time system


Provides developers with the admin tools, dashboards, APIs and libraries to easily connect to external systems and host custom logic.