APX and Sony

Partner for business smart glasses solutions

Work Hands-Free

Hands-Free Technology for the Hands-On Workforce

APX 2015 Predictions

The year ahead for enterprise wearable technology


The Next Industrial Revolution

Smart glasses with APX software give people information and access they’ve never had before.

Wearables pick up where phones and tablets get left behind.

The Power of a Connected Workforce

All the data and help you need, right where the most critical jobs get done.

Less rework, faster completion times, higher quality output, and a safer environment.

This is Happening Today

Business leaders are empowering the people who make things, fix things, operate things or move things for their job.

Changing how work gets done in aerospace, automotive, chemicals, mining, oil & gas, CPG, utilities, pharma, telecom and industrial enterprises today.

Skylight is Behind All of This

Skylight is the most comprehensive and widely used smart glasses business software in the world.