Who We Are

APX-Labs a privately-held software company headquartered outside of Washington DC with offices in Cambridge MA and San Francisco CA.

To meet the challenge of creating the premier enterprise smart glasses platform, we assembled engineers from a broad range of disciplines including: computer vision, game development, real-time networking, electrical and optical engineering, Android mobile development, human factors and mechanical engineering.

Where We Came From

The story of APX Labs began in 2010 when we created “Terminator Vision” for the US Military. This was among the first and most ambitious applications of wearable technology ever undertaken. The military was the first adopter of smart glasses - funding various forms of head worn computing and much of the underlying foundational technology – and we have been fortunate to be active in this space long before anyone had heard of Google Glass.

The software we built enables soldiers to scan crowds, identify faces, take a picture, send it over the network, make a biometric match, and then present the results within seconds on see-through Smart Glasses. Realizing the enormous potential for Smart Glasses in other applications, we created MedSight, the first telemedicine application that allowed combat medics remote telemedicine/telepresence and hands-free access to critical patient records. Since then we refined our technology over three product releases into a comprehensive platform for hands-free, in-context, real-time applications for Commercial, Medical, Entertainment, Energy and Industrial customers. APX Labs is the business of smart glasses.