placeholder-585APX builds software products that provide a complete solution for delivering real-time apps and contextual overlay information to mobile users.

Our business started with creating systems for the most demanding environment possible – military intelligence and combat medics on the battlefield. We are now using these technologies to transform the commercial, health-care, industrial and entertainment markets.

A new wave of innovation is at an inflection point around Smart Glasses. Millions of new scenarios are possible by coupling an understanding of your specific location and orientation with the ability to render overlay information on top of the real-world.

“APX Labs builds the software that brings Smart Glasses to life.”

Two years ago none of this was possible, but advances in mobile chipsets, optics systems, and sensors have made this a reality today. Smart Glasses will be a common accessory for millions of people – transforming how they do their day to day work, how they interact with others, how they play games and how they consume content.

We enable companies to transform their core operations by creating a new way to provide information and applications to employees who are in the field, on the production line, on the road, in the warehouse, or serving customers.

Our software allows workers to find, fix, build, repair, analyze, track, and communicate better than before. As a result, dramatic impacts to process efficiency, operating cost, personnel safety, and output quality are possible.

APX products are more than an extension of existing technology and business processes. They breathe new life into legacy systems, deliver options to re-think how core operations are performed, and provide companies with a true competitive edge.