What is Skybox?

APX Labs will change the way you look at the world whether it be at work or at play. We are at an inflection point in the use, adoption and excitement around wearable computing devices. These range from fitness monitors, smart watches and other sensors. The most powerful of all are smart glasses – they enable brand-new experiences.

Our newest product, Skybox brings a whole new level of fan experience to live pro sports. Through Skybox for Google Glass, fans at participating venues can access real-time content like replays and live stats without missing a moment of the action.

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Make the stadium better than the living room by delivering the digital experience in the context of a live game environment.

Stats & Overlay Graphics
Increase awareness (e.g. pitch zone, first down line)

Replays & Alternate Camera Angles
See the game from more perspectives

Social Media Integration
Share the experience to Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Games & Activities
Stay engaged and entertained during downtime

Find seats, security, or other services (e.g. closed captioning)